at breakneck speed in a sentence

"at breakneck speed" in Chinese  
  1. Both of them flew out the doggie door at breakneck speed.
  2. They have been taking left turns at breakneck speed ever since.
  3. Director Philip Seymour Hoffman keeps the action moving at breakneck speed.
  4. He is a chameleon who changes his voice at breakneck speed.
  5. Ray drives away at breakneck speeds, demons in hot pursuit.
  6. It's difficult to find at breakneck speed in a sentence.
  7. The PC industry's sales have stopped climbing at breakneck speed.
  8. In the claustrophobic damp, germs spread at breakneck speed.
  9. "It's been growing at breakneck speed ."
  10. Frock coats and peaked caps were transformed at breakneck speed.
  11. Lots of bubbling synthesisers and backbeats going at breakneck speeds.
  12. Sometimes, the male dives down at breakneck speed towards his partner.
  13. But then, real events are passing by theoretical commentary at breakneck speed.
  14. Founded in 1994, I / PRO grew at breakneck speed this year.
  15. And what Robby Unser does best is drive race cars at breakneck speeds.
  16. Coupled with the growth has come a massive construction campaign at breakneck speed.
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