at breakfast in a sentence

"at breakfast" in Chinese  
  1. The problem starts at breakfast when I get extra bread for myself.
  2. A man sips canned tea at breakfast _ then collapses and dies.
  3. A banana at breakfast takes care of two fruit servings right there.
  4. Or creating a scene out of what your kid said at breakfast.
  5. He was particularly horrified by the sight of scrambled eggs at breakfast.
  6. It's difficult to find at breakfast in a sentence.
  7. Wine was consumed in Classical Greece at breakfast or at Roman citizens.
  8. They developed an audience that was willing to start thinking at breakfast.
  9. Most episodes typically begin with Dr . Katz and Ben at breakfast.
  10. At breakfast no one spoke until Sibelius himself had broken the silence.
  11. And at breakfast, I already know what goes on a shingle.
  12. They can be served at breakfast, or any time of day.
  13. An outdoor restaurant serves excellent food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  14. Dessert at breakfast felt almost decadent _ it certainly was sumptuous.
  15. Whiskey sours at breakfast do not seem to attract any attention.
  16. The Irish people learned of its new champion at breakfast time.
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