at bottom in a sentence

"at bottom" meaning  "at bottom" in Chinese  
  1. Remove greens to a platter, reserving dressing remaining at bottom of bowl.
  2. At bottom, LaHaye and Jenkins have let the kryptonite problem beat them.
  3. Box at bottom of file . ( Park, Palm Beach Post ).
  4. Take nori and flip it over, keeping the border edge at bottom.
  5. The unions cite safety concerns but at bottom this is pure protectionism.
  6. It's difficult to find at bottom in a sentence.
  7. But at bottom it was in an industry with no pricing power.
  8. EDS : List of missing Navy personnel is at bottom of story
  9. At bottom, BofA and NationsBank operated in vastly different milieus for women.
  10. At bottom, the problem before the Bush team is a familiar one.
  11. At bottom, U . S . security depends on a strong economy.
  12. The external list linked at bottom is a much more comprehensive list.
  13. EDS : Material for a box is at bottom of story.
  14. EDS : List of Army presumed dead is at bottom of this story
  15. Editors : Optional sidebar on " must haves " at bottom
  16. A . A certificate of deposit is, at bottom, a contract.
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