at both in a sentence

  1. At both crime scenes, the police have found matching shells.
  2. Breakfast is $ 5.30 a person at both places.
  3. Now we've got speed at both ends ."
  4. Officials at both companies could not be reached for comment Friday.
  5. We believe these parties used bullets and shot at both sides.
  6. It's difficult to find at both in a sentence.
  7. The goods are certified at both the Bosnian and Krajina border.
  8. During that span, Duncan dominated the game at both ends.
  9. You can stare at both their faces, from different sides.
  10. Viewings of the works start this weekend at both auction houses.
  11. Fairly well spread with strong growth at both Crane and Bundy.
  12. He was a film critic for daily newspapers at both universities.
  13. Texas Instruments will buy all the chips produced at both facilities.
  14. Savile Row tailoring was advanced ingeniously at both Gaster and McQueen.
  15. A total of 90 employees at both parks would be furloughed.
  16. Officials at both companies couldn't be reached for comment.
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