at both ends in a sentence

"at both ends" in Chinese  
  1. Now we've got speed at both ends ."
  2. During that span, Duncan dominated the game at both ends.
  3. Large sections at both ends of the reserve level were empty.
  4. The tunnel gets sealed off at both ends by an explosion.
  5. I'm going to attack at both ends ."
  6. It's difficult to find at both ends in a sentence.
  7. He played a game that was pretty possessed at both ends,
  8. Q . Are there doors at both ends of the hallway?
  9. The trap is held in place by nuts at both ends.
  10. It was a complete breakdown at both ends of the court,
  11. He was unbelievable _ great at both ends of the floor.
  12. First I labeled all the wires and cables at both ends.
  13. Dominoes games were going on at both ends of the room.
  14. "There's improvement at both ends,"
  15. It's black as coal, green at both ends.
  16. I tried to make plays at both ends of the court.
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