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  1. Four old tankers lay at anchor off Buzby's destroyer, the USS Carney.
  2. A few sailboats bobbed lazily at anchor in the secluded harbor below.
  3. Some small companies can't get berths and have to lie at anchor.
  4. It rides at anchor in Suisun Bay; its destiny is scrap metal.
  5. On 8 November 1978, the ship sank at anchor in Cook Inlet.
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  7. A winding succession of ships remained at anchor just outside the harbor.
  8. _Buffalo chicken wings introduced at Anchor Bar, Buffalo, N . Y.
  9. There, she rode at anchor in Lake Timsah for just over 15 weeks.
  10. While at anchor a violent storm blew in on August 26.
  11. She remained at anchor for the next year and a half.
  12. Anyway, so the boat must be stopped but not at anchor.
  13. Picture long wharves pointing into a city river, with school-size vessels at anchor.
  14. But the ships'crews recaptured the vessels while they were at anchor off Waikiki.
  15. Inside, the four American ships discovered the lying at anchor inside the bay.
  16. The Lepanto remained at anchor near Dragonera till the last moment.
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