at a hotel in a sentence

"at a hotel" in Chinese  
  1. Kram said during a recent interview at a hotel in New York.
  2. Another grenade was found inside the airport at a hotel transportation desk.
  3. Forbes told a rally of several hundred people at a hotel here.
  4. They were held at a hotel in the nearby town of Chaohu.
  5. Jindal told a cheering crowd at a hotel in downtown New Orleans.
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  7. Johnson recalled a false alarm last year at a hotel in Toronto.
  8. They have also been sequestered along with regular jurors at a hotel.
  9. She had paid for a table at a hotel in New Jersey.
  10. A reservation had been made for me at a hotel in Catania.
  11. One paper said he used to work at a hotel she managed.
  12. Yu told a group of journalists at a hotel in Panama City.
  13. Lakhani was arrested the same day at a hotel near Newark Airport.
  14. Corzine shouted to the crowd at a hotel ballroom in East Brunswick.
  15. Hendricks was found dead from machete wounds at a hotel she operated.
  16. Hargrove said talks would continue at a hotel in downtown Toronto.
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