at a high speed in a sentence

"at a high speed" in Chinese  
  1. Police said the bus was overloaded and driving at a high speed.
  2. The rotor is turned at a high speed by an electric motor.
  3. Run downfield 70 yards; jog at a high speed back to the huddle.
  4. Elektra flees into a semi-rig and smashes into him at a high speed.
  5. This makes it difficult for motorists to use the street at a high speed.
  6. It's difficult to find at a high speed in a sentence.
  7. The thieves then accelerated the vehicle at a high speed.
  8. His Rolls-Royce raced out of the compound at a high speed, headed for Tokyo.
  9. Witnesses said the truck was traveling at a high speed.
  10. The night time changes to day as the train speeds at a high speed.
  11. Who says the airplane is flying at a high speed?
  12. An investigation concluded that he had been drinking and was driving at a high speed.
  13. But even a helmet may not help if someone is skiing at a high speed.
  14. An investigation concluded that Paul had been drinking and was driving at a high speed.
  15. The Burroughs system uses a stack of 256 12-inch disks, spinning at a high speed.
  16. In fact a skysurfer always falls at a high speed comparable to any other freefalling parachutist.
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