at a halt in a sentence

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  1. The delivery of foodstuffs within Afghanistan is now nearly at a halt.
  2. There was normally no station staff at a halt, tickets being sold on the train.
  3. The country is practically at a halt.
  4. With his career at a halt, Severus decided to temporarily return to Leptis, where the climate was healthier.
  5. But with the Syrian track of the Middle East peace efforts at a halt, attention turned to the Palestinian track.
  6. It's difficult to find at a halt in a sentence.
  7. Marine artillerymen and Turcos of Bri鑢e de l'Isle's 1st Brigade at a halt on the Clear River during the march to H?ng H骯, April 1884
  8. "We are on the edge of a financial collapse, " said Shokhin, noting that Russia's banking system is at a halt, with payments, salaries and tax collections frozen.
  9. With negotiations in Grozny at a halt, and faltering over the issue of Chechnya's eventual status, hawks in the ever-quarreling Kremlin seem to have seized the moment to talk tough.
  10. But since negotiations are already at a halt and show no signs of reviving under Netanyahu, the prime minister and his lieutenants has been limited so far to issuing denunciations.
  11. In the West Bank city of Ramallah, Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia urged militants groups " to think about the higher national interest and not give Israel excuses to continue the aggression against our people in Gaza, " hinting at a halt to rocket fire,
  12. DRG closed the crossing loop in 1973 without publicising this fact and changed the status of a station at a halt ( " Haltepunkt " in German, meaning a station without a set of points ) after the crossing loop had not been used for several years.
  13. Leaving Dereham the route runs roughly southeast, passing over the River Tud, then descending to pass through the head of the Tiffey valley and most services terminate at a halt close to the Grade I listed Wymondham Abbey, a former Benedictine priory founded in 1107 and now serving as the Parish Church.

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