at a guess in a sentence

"at a guess" in Chinese  
  1. At a guess, more than 3, 000 men met their death.
  2. At a guess, it sounds like a database issue causing edits to be misattributed.
  3. At a guess, it probably consists of this one person.
  4. :I'm not sure, but at a guess I would say that plants just doesn't need to.
  5. :At a guess I would suggest that it solves the problem by saying gravitons are massless.
  6. It's difficult to find at a guess in a sentence.
  7. :At a guess, it sounds like a flyingfish.
  8. :There are ( at a guess ) comfortably north of ten thousand unsourced images currently on Wikipedia.
  9. :A majority of humanity ( at a guess ) has black or brown hair and brown eyes.
  10. At a guess, your shortcut is corrupt.
  11. At a guess, this is teetering on the brink of a law suit at the best of times.
  12. :At a guess, a homework question.
  13. At a guess, tool discussions take up perhaps 25 percent of the posts on the Internet's woodworking news group.
  14. But at a guess, have you tried writing to the university with " please send me my certificate "?
  15. But anyway at a guess at what you mean the answer is a arguably an unlimited number of things.
  16. At a guess this is the one you're referring to-talk ) 11 : 48, 24 July 2013 ( UTC)
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