at a grocery store in a sentence

"at a grocery store" in Chinese  
  1. Tanner began his working life at a grocery store and butcher shop.
  2. He went back to Iowa and worked nights at a grocery store.
  3. Once she had a " good job " at a grocery store.
  4. Others brought sandwiches made with loaf bread bought at a grocery store.
  5. The once-successful farmer found a job sweeping floors at a grocery store.
  6. It's difficult to find at a grocery store in a sentence.
  7. He cleaned floors at a grocery store at night and took English classes.
  8. A similar scene occurred at a grocery store a block away.
  9. He was interviewed during an autograph session at a grocery store.
  10. But it, too, can be picked up at a grocery store.
  11. While making a purchase at a grocery store, Betts was recognized by a cashier.
  12. We stuff on turkey bought frozen at a grocery store.
  13. Not long ago, he ran into Harry Crist Sr . at a grocery store.
  14. It was from a guy who works at a grocery store at 125th Street,
  15. In between tours, Sella worked at a grocery store and Uychich worked in landscaping.
  16. Socrates gets a job at a grocery store and, contrary to expectations, keeps it.
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