at a greatly reduced price in a sentence

"at a greatly reduced price" in Chinese  
  1. This time, however, the lots were offered at a greatly reduced price.
  2. Dr . Willey Terrell Simpson, who lived across from the park, purchased it during the height of the depression at a greatly reduced price.
  3. The Plus / 4 enjoyed lasting popularity in Hungary due to CBM's decision to saturate the Central European market with the failed product at a greatly reduced price.
  4. What the heralded DirecTV and its RCA DBS satellite dish have brought _ crisp picture, great sound, a huge inventory of programs _ Tele-TV says it can also do at a greatly reduced price.
  5. Patron of the arts Marian McKenna, whose fond memories of the clubhouse included receiving her first kiss on the premises, purchased the old building from Boomhauer Realty and sold it to FST at a greatly reduced price.
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  7. In 1896, at the age of 38, he was advised by " The New York Times " reporter Henry Alloway that the paper could be bought at a greatly reduced price due to its financial losses and wide range of competitors in New York City.
  8. In the spirit of trans-Tasman friendship the survivors ( and what was apparently an amazingly large supply of spare parts ) were sold to the Royal New Zealand Air Force at a greatly reduced price in 1984, and were later upgraded to the RNZAF's highly capable'Kahu'A-4 variant.
  9. He discovered a racket where some Government fruit inspectors would declare a shipment of oranges to be dry ( without juice ), which led to them being sold at a greatly reduced price to associates of the inspectors in the retail trade, who could sell them at regular retail prices.
  10. To this end, he persuaded various recording equipment companies to sell him second-hand ex-demonstration equipment at a greatly reduced price : the proviso which he used to seal the deal was that the equipment would be used to record work by young people who might retain their interest in recording and thus become company customers in the future.
  11. By July that year they were selling " Stearns samples " which were the salesmen's samples which were used for display purposes that season at a greatly reduced price of $ 32.50 as opposed to the $ 50.00 normal price that year . " Racers " and " Specials " were going for $ 60.00 and " Cushion Frames " were $ 65.00.

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