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  1. Asterid said their mother and father were among the slaughtered.
  2. Asterid lost three children in Thursday's killing.
  3. Asterid, 30, fled her home near the Rwandan capital Kigali in 1994.
  4. Asterid Eudicot plants can also produce ferulic acid.
  5. Asterid quoted a rebel soldier as saying.
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  7. Among living plants, many ferns and some Asterid flowering plants have an amphiphloic stele.
  8. The order Aquifoliales, which includes Cardiopteridaceae, belongs to another asterid group called campanulids.
  9. Asterid quoted a soldier as saying.
  10. Systematists are undecided on whether Caryophyllales should be placed within the rosid complex or sister to the asterid clade.
  11. All of the genera mentioned above, as well as Ochnaceae, were long regarded as basal asterid order Ericales.
  12. After the militiamen left, other attackers came and slaughtered some the group of refugees, including Asterid's family.
  13. "' Gentianales "'is an order of flowering plants, included within the asterid clade of eudicots.
  14. Other rebels opened fire the refugees and attacked with machetes, said the survivor, who gave her name only as Asterid.
  15. Escalloniaceae is even more distant from " Tetracarpaea ", being a member of an asterid group called the campanulids.
  16. Other rebels opened fire on the refugees and attacked them with machetes, said the survivor, who gave her name only as Asterid.
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