assuages in a sentence

"assuages" in Chinese  
  1. "International investors haven't been assuaged ."
  2. Other steps can be taken to assuage the Okinawans and Japanese.
  3. I had been leery of colors and she assuaged my fears.
  4. The report also assuaged concern that wage pressures could trigger inflation.
  5. This will go some way to assuage the expectations of that.
  6. It's difficult to find assuages in a sentence.
  7. Gaddum's remarks helped assuage that concern, analysts said.
  8. Some in the noble circles do little to assuage such impressions.
  9. Yet Lloyd's has instituted measures to assuage such concerns.
  10. It tried to assuage public opinion with a national publicity campaign.
  11. Finex officials said they'd try to assuage that concern.
  12. The promise of action, however, may not assuage investors.
  13. My fears are no longer assuaged by a nighttime theological checkup.
  14. The testimony by Reno and Freeh did not assuage congressional critics.
  15. American officials in Tokyo were busy trying to assuage the Japanese.
  16. Freud assuaged the pain with a new, white VW Beetle.
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