assosa in a sentence

  1. Subsequent leaders of Maquis include Thsimanga Assosa and Ilunga Mbanza.
  2. Orchestre Kamale split up in 1978 when Assosa and Mulembu left to create Fuka Fuka.
  3. Nowadays it is simple to travel between the regional capital of Assosa and Gilgil Beles, the capital of the Metekel Zone.
  4. The OLA controlled vast areas of land in southern, western and eastern Oromia and offices and military bases were set up in major cities such as Jijiga, Assosa, Dembidollo and Mendi.
  5. Assosa wrote some of the most recent hit songs of Maquis, such as " Makumbele " and " Ngalula "; those songs also showcased guitarist Dekula Kahanga's talent.
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  7. During the 1990s Asosa was characterized by entire government office complexes of partially completed buildings, which John Young notes was " testimony to corrupt relations between politicians and contractors . " Young continues, " Indicative of the scale of the problem, during a peace and development conference held in Assosa in June 1996, the then deputy prime minister, Tamrat Layne, dismissed the entire regional government and had many of its members imprisoned for corruption ."

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