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  1. He left Assos, he said, when supplies became erratic.
  2. Cigarette brands produced by Papastratos include Assos International and Old Navy.
  3. It also produces local brands Assos, President and Papastratos.
  4. This made Assos a key shipping station through the Troad.
  5. Assos has always had a small population.
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  7. Assos had the only good harbour on the of the north coast of the Adramyttian Gulf.
  8. In 1596 the Venetians built the Assos Castle, one of Cephalonia's main tourist attractions today.
  9. It is possible that soon after the city was incorporated into Assos and the site above Kozlu abandoned.
  10. He worked as a salesman after retiring, including in Belgium and Luxembourg for Assos, a Swiss clothing company.
  11. Due to his policies, his control expanded to other neighbouring cities, such as Assos, in Asia Minor.
  12. After Plato's death in 347 BC, Xenocrates and Aristotle travelled to Assos under the patronage of Hermias.
  13. Papastratos'" Assos International " brand has managed to establish a leading position in the emerging Balkan markets.
  14. Though the town is officially named Behramkale ( ), most people still call it by its ancient name of Assos.
  15. he "'Assos Castle "'( ) is a Venetian fortification on Cephalonia island in western Greece.
  16. The castle stands on the top of a 170 m high rocky hill, which encompasses the entire peninsula of Assos.
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