assortments in a sentence

"assortments" in Chinese  
  1. They display a rich and characteristic assortment of flora and fauna.
  2. Ms . Morgan also delivers custom assortments from her salad bar.
  3. PROFANITY An assortment of everyday vulgarities, often describing sexual activity.
  4. Bob Hope on Parade, With an Assortment of Co-stars
  5. Serve salad on plates lined with an assortment of lettuce leaves.
  6. It's difficult to find assortments in a sentence.
  7. Germany should have the deepest assortment of rowers, as usual.
  8. Here is a representative assortment of recent laser-disk releases.
  9. Chris Childs also will start despite an assortment of nagging injuries.
  10. He keeps an assortment of microchips filed away in egg cartons.
  11. He did background and criminal checks on an assortment of players.
  12. Assortments are $ 17 to $ 56 at the Richart store.
  13. Readers have sent me a grand assortment of winners and losers.
  14. It was, to say the least, a eclectic assortment.
  15. Seymour families tried an assortment of ways to beat the heat.
  16. Nevertheless, the site does offer an interesting assortment of features.
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