assortment of goods in a sentence

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  1. And trucks by the hundreds bring a wide assortment of goods to both cities daily.
  2. The assortment of goods is enormous.
  3. Back home, there was more than the usual assortment of good news and bad news.
  4. Many analysts think customers increasingly want the low prices, easy parking and broad assortment of goods that discounters provide.
  5. Save-A-Lot, which features a limited assortment of goods at steep discounts, has a similar strategy.
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  7. Since Ermatova's first credit, the assortment of goods at her stall has grown and she has fewer worries.
  8. Needing time to street-peddle a ragtag assortment of goods, James ignored the ailment for as long as he could.
  9. Sears has also sought to improve its assortment of goods, particularly when it comes to apparel, but with mixed results.
  10. Its ability to exchange dollars for such a rich assortment of goods is a sign of its economic vitality and success, not desperation.
  11. Photographs of his apartment show shuttered windows and an assortment of good 18th-century French antiques covered with statues, sculptures and objects.
  12. At first Hungary concentrated on producing primarily the same assortment of goods it had produced before the war, including locomotives and railroad cars.
  13. The Andover resident purchased from a merchant a wide assortment of goods with his credit cards, but did not receive what he was promised.
  14. Promoters were hoping for a nice millennial assortment of good vibes, while audiences and artists clearly wanted to carve out a nastier slice of history.
  15. But the real key is to use an assortment of good olives, preferably the kind produced in France, Italy, Greece or Spain and sold in bulk.
  16. They arrive every day in boats from Tanjung Balai Asahan and Sumatra Utara laden with an assortment of goods, mostly agricultural products, to be delivered to their consignees.
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