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  1. This initially suggested the possibility of assortative mating by female choice.
  2. The important implication of this production function is positive assortative matching.
  3. Sexual preference creates a tendency towards assortative mating or homogamy.
  4. Height is cross-assortative mating for height and intelligence.
  5. Assortative mating is also found in many socially monogamous species of birds.
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  7. With complete monogamy, there is assortative mating for sexually selected traits.
  8. A local assortative measure is required to identify such anomalies within networks.
  9. The assortative patterns of a variety of real world networks have been examined.
  10. Assortative mating is the opposite of random mating.
  11. The polymorphism is maintained by negative assortative mating each morph mates with its opposite.
  12. Assortative mating can, at times, arise as a consequence of social competition.
  13. Different factors may apply simultaneously to result in assortative mating in any given species.
  14. In fact, evidence has been found for assortative mating in regards to altruism.
  15. Moreover, assortative mating for aggression in birds can lead to inadequate parental care.
  16. In Assortative networks, there could be nodes that are dissassortative and vice versa.
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