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  1. Andrew C . Peskoe, a hiring partner at Golenbock, Eiseman, Assor & Bell, a law firm based in Manhattan, said he would be wary of hiring someone from an online school.
  2. In his cross-examination, Martin S . Hyman of Golenbock, Eiseman, Assor, Bell & Peskoe was able to get O'Donnell to admit that she had lied under oath in her deposition when she denied that she told a Gruner & Jahr senior executive that she deserved to have cancer.
  3. The Koffler Gallery 2014-15 season featured the group exhibition " PARDES " ( September 13 to November 30, 2014 ), with new works by sound and multi-media artists Nadav Assor, Ira Eduardovna, Amnon Wolman, Nevet Yitzhak ( guest curated by Liora Belford ); Kristiina Lahde : " ULTRA-PARALLEL " ( January 22 to March 29, 2015 ); " Erratics " ( April 16 to June 14, 2015 ) featuring installations by Toronto author Martha Baillie and artist / curator Malka Greene with Alan Resnick; and " Architecture Parallax : Through the Looking Glass " ( July 2 to August 30, 2015 ), an architectural installation by Montreal-based Brazilian-Canadian artist Alexander Pilis.
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