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  1. Then an area called the visual association area, or angular gyrus, takes over.
  2. In the American Birding Association Area, it is Code 5.
  3. The " attention association area " is critical in organizing all goal-directed behavior and actions.
  4. Globally, the association areas are organized as distributed networks.
  5. The cerebral cortex is typically described as comprising three parts : the sensory, motor, and association areas.
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  7. The input received is integrated and re-directed back to the cortical areas of the cerebrum known as association areas.
  8. With no information flowing in from the senses, the orientation association area wouldn't be able to find any boundaries.
  9. When lesions occur in the association areas linked to the cerebellum by corticopontocerebellar fibres, the cognitive affective syndrome may occur.
  10. The biologists then performed six different types of standard learning tests on the mice which exercised different association areas of the brain.
  11. -- If he messes up, there's an immediate consequence, so he's learning about cause and effect, which involves the brain's association areas.
  12. This association area one of three in the cortex is responsible for the assembly of prefrontal association areas, which are involved in memory.
  13. For many years it was behind only the Sheffield Association League in terms of seniority in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association area.
  14. This business training seems to have been thorough because it stood Tony in good stead in his chosen role of Gloucestershire Ramblers Association Area Footpath Secretary.
  15. Simple symptoms can occur from activation in the primary auditory cortex and complex symptoms from the temporo-occipital cortex at the location of the auditory association areas.
  16. Therefore, he developed the A / S ratio, which suggested that aspects of motivation were connected to the ratio of association areas to sensory areas in the brain.
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