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  1. The group also includes Paraguay, Uruguay and associate members Bolivia and Chile.
  2. Associate members Chile and Bolivia are not bound to apply the increase.
  3. The Mercosur trade bloc also includes Chile and Bolivia as associate members.
  4. Two other countries, Chile and Bolivia, already joined Mercosur as associate members.
  5. It has about 40 associate members, among them trustees and other professionals.
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  7. Animal Planet is additionally an associate member of the Caribbean Cable Cooperative.
  8. Associate members have accords for lowering tariffs only within the Mercosur countries.
  9. Anthony Coffey is an associate member of the National Watercolor Society.
  10. Macau has been an associate member of Unesco since November 1995.
  11. Christian organizations other than churches may be received as associate members.
  12. The Society is an associate member of the International Actuarial Association.
  13. They became an associate member of the ICC the same year.
  14. They were quickly promoted to associate member status the following year.
  15. Associate Member applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.
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