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  1. An assistant driver, two ticket inspectors and two passengers were injured, Madeira said.
  2. One passenger was seriously injured, and an assistant driver was grazed in the leg.
  3. The train's assistant driver died of severe burns, it said.
  4. The first prototype "'T18 "'dropped the assistant driver, but retained the remote controlled machine guns.
  5. Currently, each train also has an assistant driver.
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  7. The M10 and M10A1 had a crew of five; commander, gunner, loader, driver, and assistant driver.
  8. The last to leave the Sherman was the assistant driver, whose exit was slowed by his hatch being blocked.
  9. "I wouldn't go back to Ilidza without a NATO escort, " said the assistant driver, Sadik Sadikovic, holding his bandaged leg.
  10. American officials said no trace of Rogati, an assistant driver who had worked at the embassy for 13 years, had been found.
  11. The driver and assistant driver ( who also operated the vehicle's radio ) were seated in the front hull and provided with periscopes.
  12. Officials are expected to charge some railway officials and the assistant driver, who survived the crash, the officials said . str-bm / vj
  13. A third folding seat was provided in the turret for the assistant driver in case he needed to assist the loader for any reason.
  14. Police arrested the train's assistant driver, Hosni Mohammed Abdel-Latif, and two railway officials in the town, Hamdi Ibrahim Faqr and Mohammed Sayed Ibrahim, police officials said.
  15. He didn't speak German but secured work as an assistant driver towing vans for a circus; after a colleague drunkenly killed his dog he left the job.
  16. Other women were inspired by her, and as of 2011 there were 50 women locomotive drivers who were operating suburban trains and goods trains, and also as shunters or assistant drivers.
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