assistant director in a sentence

"assistant director" in Chinese  
  1. BIG EAST CONFERENCE _ Named Gina Bonante assistant director of sports administration.
  2. Q : I am the assistant director of a medical residency program.
  3. He joined the magazine in 1948 as assistant director of market research.
  4. IMF Assistant Director for Africa Naheed Kirman said at a news conference.
  5. Promoted high performance manager Kate Roberts to assistant director of high perfomance.
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  7. GREEN BAY PACKERS _ Named Sean Howard assistant director of pro personnel.
  8. An unidentified man who later becomes Assistant Director Skinner, in Arlington Cemetery
  9. NEW JERSEY NETS _ Named Aaron Harris assistant director of public relations.
  10. He then worked his way up from studio messenger to assistant director.
  11. NEW HAMPSHIRE _ Named Douglas Poole assistant director of athletic media relations.
  12. In 1946 he was promoted to assistant director under Wilhelm Thagaard.
  13. He is supported by a team of directors and assistant directors.
  14. Dahl started his career as a storyboard artist and assistant director.
  15. She was the Assistant Director of PAHO from 2003 to 2008.
  16. He became assistant director of Radio 蒳reann shortly before his death.
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