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  1. After leaving the AEC, he returned the Los Alamos as assistant director for research.
  2. Another name often mentioned is Zachary Ramsey, assistant director for research and negotiation at the council.
  3. In 1970 President Richard Nixon appointed Creutz as Assistant Director for Research of the National Science Foundation.
  4. In 1968 he moved to Washington to become assistant director for research and education at the Veterans Administration.
  5. Following his career at NASA, Eggers took a position as Assistant Director for Research Applications at the National Science Foundation.
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  7. In 1926 Briggs was appointed assistant director for research and testing by National Bureau of Standards Director George Kimball Burgess.
  8. During World War II he served as assistant director for research and analysis of the Office of Strategic Services, the government's wartime intelligence agency.
  9. When Chadwick left the Cavendish Laboratory for the University of Liverpool in 1935, Oliphant and Ellis both replaced him as Rutherford's Assistant Director for Research.
  10. "' Ron Dietel "'is the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing ( CRESST ) assistant director for research use and communications.
  11. Jaret Daniels, assistant director for research at the McGuire Center, said 800 butterflies from Costa Rica arrived Thursday morning, but were still " too fresh " to release.
  12. Jennifer Kotler, assistant director for research at Sesame Workshop, which produces educational children's television programs including " Sesame Street, " questioned whether the results in the April Pediatrics would apply to educational programming.
  13. Robert B . Townsend, assistant director for research and publications at the historical association, said that despite the job declines, there were still shortages of candidates in specialized fields like Chinese and African-American history.
  14. He was trained as a pilot, and flew both Pentagon from 1960 to 1964, first as chief of space programs for the Chief of Naval Operations, and next as staff assistant director for research and engineering.
  15. From 1991 he was the Deputy Assistant Director for Research at the USGS . At the NSF, Inderbitzen was responsible for the coordination and planning of all scientific activities within the United States Antarctic Program, and for the formulation and enforcement of U . S . environmental regulations in Antarctica.

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