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  1. He served as a set director and assistant department head at Warner Brothers studio.
  2. He also served as an assistant department head, department head, and head of the OBKhSS Directorate of the ministry's regional directorate for Perm.
  3. Academic department heads and chairs serve the same function, and there may also be associate and assistant department heads or chairs ( though this is unusual ).
  4. Below the level of Department heads existed a plethora of administrative and bureaucratic titles to indicate positions as Assistant Department Heads, staff officers, and other clerical duties within the various main offices.
  5. In the wig and makeup room, across the way, Cookie Jordan, the assistant department head, was seeing to the curls in a wig for " Rake's Progress ."
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  7. Lawrence Livermore plans to receive the first of nearly $ 100 million worth of BlueGene / L machines beginning in November, said Mark Seager, the lab's assistant department head for advanced technology.
  8. A . Patrick Nutt, former assistant department head of horticulture at Longwood Gardens at Kennett Square, Pa ., has grown waterlilies for 40 years and knows that hardy varieties are generally hardier than most people think.
  9. The discipline framework is administered by the Discipline Master, in collaboration with the RIPB, for Year 1-4 students, and the Assistant Department Head ( ADH ) for Discipline for Year 5-6 students.

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