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  1. She was a retired Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Boston University.
  2. He served as Assistant Dean for Research during the 1992-1993 academic year.
  3. Mike Russel, TCU's assistant dean of campus life, offered as partial explanation.
  4. Assistant dean of students Kenneth Kelly informed Anderson of the decision Friday.
  5. Rob Aronson, assistant dean of the University of Washington Law School, agreed.
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  7. In 1964, he was appointed as First Assistant Dean at the department.
  8. "We were swamped, " said Arlene Morgan, the journalism school's assistant dean.
  9. After stepping down, Letten joined Tulane University Law School as an assistant dean.
  10. He is the Assistant Dean of International Affairs at Marist College.
  11. Keesling was Assistant Dean of Women at the University of Kansas for 1971-72.
  12. In 1965, Lester Wolfson was appointed director and assistant dean of the campus.
  13. He is the assistant dean of International Affairs at Marist College.
  14. Starting in 1971, he served as assistant dean for Georgetown College.
  15. But it's not all Harvard's fault, says assistant dean Joseph McCarthy.
  16. She works closely with Ethan Segovia, the Assistant Dean of Academics.
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