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  1. Assistant dean of students Kenneth Kelly informed Anderson of the decision Friday.
  2. She was a retired Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Boston University.
  3. The university believes in self-governance, says Sherri Sanders, the assistant dean of students.
  4. He also served as assistant dean of students at Elon University in North Carolina.
  5. The assistant dean of students also lives on campus.
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  7. From 1976 until 1986 Halvorsen served as the Assistant Dean of Student Life at Brigham Young University.
  8. He also served as assistant dean of students for minority affairs for the Pritzker School of Medicine from 1986 to 1990.
  9. Upon returning to Indiana University in 1945 Shaffer was named Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Veteran's Guidance Center.
  10. "Hazing can't be stopped by the university alone, " says Patricia Honacki, the assistant dean of students at Texas Tech University.
  11. After World War II, Chidsey briefly served as assistant dean of students of the University of Chicago, with supervision over undergraduate activities.
  12. "It stinks, in a word, " said Cheryl Matherly, assistant dean of students for career services, scholarships and fellowships at Rice University.
  13. He was assistant dean of students at Princeton in the mid-1970s and returned to the campus as a senior admissions officer in 1983.
  14. "There's a big demand for teachers and for certification, " said Henry Meares, assistant dean of student services at the University of Michigan.
  15. Tany Norwood, assistant dean of students at UT, said that while recent displays by campus anti-abortion groups have drawn controversy, the administration has remained neutral.
  16. Foy graduated from the University of Alabama and served there as the Assistant Dean of Students before serving as Dean of Students at Auburn University.
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