assistant curator in a sentence

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  1. Pat Dungan, assistant curator, said the exhibit is like a time capsule.
  2. Grady, the assistant curator at Langston, said he can understand this sentiment.
  3. In 1881, he became assistant curator at the National Academy of Sciences.
  4. He was assistant curator for the National Library of Wales from 1986-92.
  5. She was an assistant curator for the Museum of Sex in 2002.
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  7. She discovers that the First Assistant Curator, Nigel Bollingsworth, is the traitor.
  8. Edwards became the assistant curator for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.
  9. He was appointed assistant curator in 1954, and associate curator in 1962.
  10. Rick's wife, Lis, is assistant curator of birds at the zoo.
  11. Curators and assistant curators are also faculty members in related departments.
  12. Baumg鋜tel joined the Museum Kunstpalast in D黶seldorf in 1993 as an assistant curator.
  13. As a lowly assistant curator, he knows more than the curator.
  14. There's precious little display space left, said White House assistant curator Bill Allman.
  15. He also was honorary assistant curator of the ANA Money Museum.
  16. From 1901 to 1905 he was Assistant Curator of Warrington Museum.
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