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  1. In addition, those with cervical 2 injuries require breathing assistance.
  2. How best to distribute the assistance is another bone of contention.
  3. These large numbers create an emergency situation for services and assistance,
  4. The union has been providing legal assistance for Powell and Koon.
  5. Some feel degraded by accepting public assistance intended for the poor.
  6. It's difficult to find assistance in a sentence.
  7. The bank had no legal obligation to provide the financial assistance.
  8. But they are the first to admit they need public assistance.
  9. More than three million people receive assistance from the different foundations.
  10. But they said they might let states cut off such assistance.
  11. Clinton's disaster designation makes them available for federal assistance.
  12. There are more than 200, 000 people on public assistance.
  13. They couldn't get Department of Defense assistance ."
  14. On Thursday, Dole declined to address his assistance to Palmer.
  15. If our assistance goes down, so should assistance to Israel.
  16. If our assistance goes down, so should assistance to Israel.
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