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  1. Historically, numerous programs have been written entirely in assembly language.
  2. The x86 assembly language code is specific to the x86 architecture.
  3. Mallard allows the user to run programs written in assembly language.
  4. Assembly language use is minimized to ease porting to other processors.
  5. A script file may contain Debug subcommands and assembly language instructions.
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  7. RemoteAccess was written in Turbo Pascal with some Assembly Language routines.
  8. DTJ-BBS was written in compiled BASIC and assembly language.
  9. A small subset of code was programmed in 8086 assembly language.
  10. Vectorization Advisor supports analysis of scalar, intrinsics or assembly language.
  11. In one subject, in Assembly Language, he got a 1.
  12. Software for early computers was primarily written in assembly language.
  13. It was written in assembly language for the IBM 7090.
  14. The SNOBOL4 language translator was still written in assembly language.
  15. Assembly languages lets programmers use symbolic addresses, which the symbolic constants.
  16. It supports integrated assembly language and an internal assembler in several dialects.
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