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  1. Several years ago, the keyboard required assembly of 150 parts.
  2. The assembly has all the political energy of a hygiene lecture.
  3. The United Nations General Assembly returns to session Sept . 25.
  4. Only five out of the 299 National Assembly members are women.
  5. When she finished, the assembly gave her a standing ovation.
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  7. Quackenbush, 40, was elected to the Assembly in 1986.
  8. After 90 minutes, Brown announced that the Assembly would recess.
  9. Democrats contend that Mountjoy must leave the Assembly for the Senate.
  10. He gave the lowest class of Athenians seats in the assembly.
  11. The Assembly cannot conduct other business until it elects a speaker.
  12. Feldman said he expects the bill to pass in the Assembly.
  13. The Assembly was expected to vote on the bill on Wednesday.
  14. Says Scott Jensen, the majority leader of the Wisconsin Assembly:
  15. Then, they are sent back to Alabama for final assembly.
  16. The bill was approved by the Assembly, 72 to 0.
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