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  1. Thus typically you may see the following in an assembler program:
  2. These assembler program ( s ) will then run on their own COGs.
  3. Devpac Assembler by HiSoft was a professional assembler program that became the de facto standard for assembly programming.
  4. Multiple sets of mnemonics or assembly-language syntax may exist for a single instruction set, typically instantiated in different assembler programs.
  5. To enhance the mathematical abilities of BASIC, ( and assembler programs ) an floating point co-processor ( compatible with the Intel 8231 ) could be added.
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  7. Those applications ran mostly on an expensive timeshared computer, which sent digested image data to the Imlac, which ran a small assembler program emulating a generic graphics terminal.
  8. A tiny assembler program was hand-coded for a new computer ( for example the IBM 650 ) which converted a few instructions into binary or decimal code : A1.
  9. This simple assembler program was then rewritten in its just-defined assembly language but with extensions that would enable the use of some additional mnemonics for more complex operation codes.
  10. Software is developed in Z80 / 8085 assembly language using the MS-DOS Telemark Cross Assembler program ( TASM ), as well as the open source Small Device C Compiler.
  11. Backup storage of written assembler programs was primitive : only a cassette type interface was typically provided, or the serial Teletype interface was used to read ( or punch ) a papertape.
  12. In the past, the speed of hand-coded assembler programs was often felt to make up for this drawback, but with the advent of optimizing compilers, "'C "'for the mainframe, and other advances, assembler has lost much of its appeal.
  13. It is also possible to use solely the macro processing abilities of an assembler to generate code written in completely different languages, for example, to generate a version of a program in COBOL using a pure macro assembler program containing lines of COBOL code inside assembly time operators instructing the assembler to generate arbitrary code.
  14. G is a dummy index register whose value is alway zero, and hence causes the offsets to be treated as absolute addresses in the zeroth ( global ) segment . ( Incidentally, since X3 is the standard index register, the assembler program allows', X3, address'to be abbreviated to', address'.)
  15. He even remarked that he had to reprogram 1-2-3 in Assembler to get its speed-and he wanted to know how Martin Herbach had managed to get the C-coded graphics engine to work in the middle of a non-relocatable Assembler program . ( That remains a bit of unknown magic to this day . ) By all accounts, Martin had achieved the impossible.
  16. Since addressing modes 0-3 were identical, this made 13 ( electronic ) addressing modes, but as in the PDP-11, the use of the Stack Pointer ( R14 ) and Program Counter ( R15 ) created a total of over 15 conceptual addressing modes ( with the assembler program translating the source code into the actual stack-pointer or program-counter based addressing mode needed ).
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