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  1. See the AspectJ Programming Guide for a more detailed description of the language.
  2. Spring 1.2 includes support to configure AspectJ aspects in the container.
  3. IDE support has been key to Java programmers using AspectJ and understanding crosscutting concerns.
  4. The original Xerox AspectJ implementation used source weaving, which required access to source code.
  5. The examples in this article use AspectJ as it is the most widely known AOP language.
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  7. Compared to the AspectJ framework, Spring AOP is less powerful, but also less complicated.
  8. AspectJ also supports limited forms of pointcut-based static checking and aspect reuse ( by inheritance ).
  9. Academic interest in the semantics and implementation of aspect-oriented languages has surrounded AspectJ since its release.
  10. *" AspectJ Development Tools " ( AJDT ) adds support for the AspectJ Java extensions.
  11. *" AspectJ Development Tools " ( AJDT ) adds support for the AspectJ Java extensions.
  12. This led to increased adoption, as AspectJ became usable for impatient Java programmers and enterprise-level deployments.
  13. This means Roo can incrementally modify the AspectJ inter-type declarations that it needs to and leave all other files intact.
  14. Gregor Kiczales and colleagues at Xerox PARC developed the explicit concept of AOP, and followed this with the AspectJ AOP extension to Java.
  15. At this time the AspectJ language was restricted to support a per-class model essential for incremental compilation and load-time weaving.
  16. Many programmers discover AspectJ as an enabling technology for other projects, most notably inter-type declarations as its principal code generation output.
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