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  1. The Tajika System also lays stress on the " elevation " gained by the aspecting planets.
  2. With the Sun in Aries aspecting Uranus, planet of sudden change, you can expect some wonderful surprises.
  3. With the Sun aspecting Uranus, your ruler, you can be as assertive and adventurous as you please.
  4. However, when Annie attempts the channeling practice called aspecting, she changes into someone Kate and Cooper hardly recognize.
  5. Saturn or Mars or the Sun otherwise occupying or aspecting the 9th house do not tend to give good results but they can give rise to Raja yoga or confer much wealth.
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  7. With the Sun aspecting Pluto, planet of transformation, you can be sure that major changes are about to happen, but there is no need for you to feel threatened or fearful.
  8. B v Raman explains that the Argalas, generated by the disposition of planets as stated above gets cancelled by presence of planets in the 10th, 12th, 3rd or 9th from the aspecting planet.
  9. ARIES ( March 21-April 19 ) : With the Sun in your birth sign aspecting Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune, you just cannot lose today, not even if you try.
  10. With Mars, your ruler, aspecting Uranus, planet of surprises, this week you are sure to do something crazy, but your self-belief is such that it will almost certainly pay off.
  11. The same result also applies to aspect on the 11th house but only a strong Moon, Mars or Saturn aspecting the 11th house gives wealth, if they are weak their aspect will result in poverty.
  12. Planets and rasis aspect other planets according to their dispositions which aspects'influences are affected for good or bad by their presence from an aspecting lord or sign which are the affecting or influencing agencies called Argalas.
  13. The 4th, the 2nd, 5th and the 11th from the aspecting body are Argalas, malefic in the 3rd give rise to evil Argala, planets in the 10th, 12th and 3rd from Argala cause obstruction to such Argala.
  14. SCORPIO ( Oct . 23-Nov . 21 ) : With the Sun aspecting Pluto, your ruling planet, there is nothing you cannot do today, but just because there is nothing you cannot do does not mean you must do everything.
  15. LEO ( July 23-Aug . 22 ) : With the Sun, your ruler, aspecting Pluto, planet of power, you know what you want, you know where to get it, and the thought of failure has not entered your mind.
  16. With the Sun aspecting Venus, planet of harmony, in the career angle of your chart this week you will breeze through disputes and power struggles as if they did not exist, and colleagues and employers will be mightily impressed by your relaxed and confident attitude.
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