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  1. If the navamsa " of Mars aspected by Saturn.
  2. Tajika aspects are deemed effective within 12 degrees either side of the aspected point.
  3. Muntha aspected or joined by malefic planets, particularly Ketu, produces bad results.
  4. Even a high school pupil understands that serious cases need a neutral, many-aspected context.
  5. Even a single planet in its exaltation sign aspected by its friend makes one a wealthy ruler.
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  7. The strong lord of the 12th exalted and aspected by benefics blesses one with many comforts and much wealth.
  8. The Tradition worships a triply aspected Goddess and various forms of the God derived from ancient Greek and British mythology.
  9. Also, if planets are not aspected in the natal chart, transiting aspects will in general not have the same effect.
  10. Also, if planets are not aspected in the natal chart, progressed aspects will in general not have the same effect.
  11. If the birth lord aspects it, the time must be doubled; aspected by benefics the time will be trebled . 
  12. It is also formed when the Moon is not aspected by an auspicious planet or is not in association with an auspicious planet.
  13. Venus and Mars, planets of love and passion, are both well aspected this week, so let that special someone know you still care
  14. If at the time of birth the lagna or the Moon is not aspected by any planet the results of Raja yogas do not fructify.
  15. Mercury aspected by the lord of the " lagna " and the lord of the 5th house can make a person a minister.
  16. Often, when a chart denied perfection, geomancers would observe how the significators aspected each other; the aspects here retain similar meanings from astrology.
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