aspect-oriented in a sentence

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  1. Serve the aspect - oriented view of the world
  2. Is a term specific to aspect - oriented programming
  3. Advanced techniques for aspect - oriented developers
  4. Want to find out more about aspect - oriented programming
  5. Aspect - oriented changes with javassist
  6. It's difficult to find aspect-oriented in a sentence.
  7. An aspect - oriented analysis and design method
  8. Eclipse aspectj : aspect - oriented programming in eclipse with aspectj and ajdt
  9. By now , you ve surely heard about aspect - oriented programming
  10. Modern containers use aspect - oriented programming and interceptors
  11. I ll start with a basic aspect - oriented performance monitoring system
  12. This type of problem is a perfect candidate for an aspect - oriented solution
  13. Aspect - oriented programming is a new idea of programming
  14. Aspect - oriented programming is becoming increasingly popular on the java platform
  15. Aspect - oriented programming presents itself as a principled consumer of metadata
  16. Using aspect - oriented principles , the team could create an aspect that declares the
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