aspect weaver in a sentence

  1. By eliminating this duplication, aspect weavers promote modularity of cross-cutting concerns.
  2. Through this weaving process, aspect weavers allow for code which would have otherwise been duplicated across classes.
  3. An aspect weaver reads the aspect-oriented code and generates appropriate object-oriented code with the aspects integrated.
  4. Aspect weavers take instructions known as " modularity, keeping code in one place that would otherwise have been interspersed throughout various, unrelated classes.
  5. The aspect weaver analyzes the advice specified by the pointcut in the aspect and uses that advice to distribute the implementation code into the defined class.
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  7. The aspect weaver determines the appropriate code to generate in each situation as defined by the implementation advice and then injects it into methods matching the specified pointcut.
  8. Compile-time performance is generally worse in aspect weavers than their traditional compiler counterparts due to the additional work necessary for locating methods which match the specified pointcuts.
  9. During weaving, the aspect weaver uses the pointcuts and join points, known as a " pointcut designator ", to identify the positions in candidate classes at which the implementation should be injected.
  10. The AspectC + + programming language extends C + + through the use of an aspect weaver, offering the additional efficiency over AspectJ that is necessary for embedded systems while still retaining the benefits of aspect-oriented programming.
  11. An "'aspect weaver "'is a metaprogramming utility for aspect-oriented languages designed to take instructions specified by classes ( representations of the structure of entities in the program ), the weaver generates a woven class.
  12. To address these business concerns, an aspect weaver enables the use of widely adopted languages like object oriented code will still be valid aspect-oriented code and that development will feel like a natural extension of the object-oriented language.

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