aspect to in a sentence

  1. There is a definite mental-health aspect to the case,
  2. There's a practical aspect to owning an older car.
  3. There are other aspects to Sanders'game, of course.
  4. There really is a First Amendment aspect to that whole flap.
  5. There are two surprising aspects to Tolbert's sack prowess.
  6. It's difficult to find aspect to in a sentence.
  7. And there is another, less dramatic aspect to this game.
  8. Another wonderful aspect to the magazine : It accepts no advertising.
  9. Usually, there's a territorial aspect to the dispute.
  10. Yet there are distinctly American aspects to this festival as well.
  11. But there are also some cautionary aspects to the survey data.
  12. There's definitely a healing aspect to it ."
  13. Such urban training is an important aspect to soldiers'training.
  14. "There's a John Gotti aspect to him.
  15. There is a certain Batman versus Superman aspect to the match.
  16. There is a Hollywood-set aspect to the Olympic security.
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