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  1. Aspect Ratio ( the image as displayed ) and the Distinctions.
  2. QuickTime 7 lacks support for H . 264 Sample Aspect Ratio.
  3. Aspect ratio is another way to measure ram-air parachutes.
  4. A doughnut has an aspect ratio of about 2 to 3.
  5. They have, however, a very similar wetted aspect ratio.
  6. It's difficult to find aspect ratios in a sentence.
  7. Wherever possible, films are shown in their correct aspect ratio.
  8. All Superbit releases present a film in its theatrical aspect ratio.
  9. It was boxy, with a " widescreen " aspect ratio.
  10. At this time, 16x9 aspect ratios began to be supported.
  11. This compression is represented in the aspect ratio of Muraenosaur limbs.
  12. Sci Fi switched broadcasting from aspect ratio on 1 December 2008.
  13. It features an aspect ratio of 1.78 : 1.
  14. Low aspect ratio of wing indicates that the wing is broad.
  15. The Ctrl key maintains an integer aspect ratio for the shape.
  16. There are still multiple minor differences between aspect ratios and differences.
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