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  1. In 2011, She replaced Asin in Fairever fairness cream commercial.
  2. Publisher : Alcuin Press, ASIN : B001R8XLL4 or ASIN : B003W076JI
  3. Publisher : Alcuin Press, ASIN : B001R8XLL4 or ASIN : B003W076JI
  4. Asin invaded Goguryeo once more in 394, but was defeated again.
  5. Asin appears in two roles and Mallika Sherawat plays a subsidiary role.
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  7. Mallika Sherawat was reported to be heroine instead role went to Asin.
  8. Prabhas played the lead role while Asin, Charmy Kaur.
  9. With this movie, Asin made her debut in Bollywood.
  10. He also recorded with the groups, Asin and Anakbayan.
  11. The word for stone, asin, is animate.
  12. Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd . ASIN : B000V9BAO0.
  13. Vasu falls in love with Swathi ( Asin ), a TV anchor.
  14. In 2012, he designed the costume for Asin Thottumkal in Housefull 2.
  15. However, in June 2012, Asin was signed.
  16. It was also rumoured that Asin had been shortlisted to star alongside Khan.
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