asiatics in a sentence

"asiatics" in Chinese  
  1. When the Asiatics begin to decline, the Aurelians take over.
  2. She was drawn to the MFA for its spectacular Asiatic collections.
  3. The Asiatic wild ass is vulnerable to diseases, as well.
  4. He served in that capacity in Asiatic waters until July 1915.
  5. The 14th Asiatic Lion Census 2015 was conducted in May 2015.
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  7. They are a favourite prey item for tigers and Asiatic lions.
  8. Her mother appears to have has a Russo-Asiatic background.
  9. Submarines of the Asiatic Fleet were also assigned to the effort.
  10. The following year, she was assigned to the Asiatic Fleet.
  11. Additionally, Militarev identified a Afro-Asiatic family subsequently dispersed.
  12. Dahalik belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family's Tigrinya.
  13. He was elected president of the Royal Asiatic Society in 1841.
  14. London : Royal Asiatic Society, 1992 [ released 1993 ].
  15. Asiatic lions have also gone extinct from the country as well.
  16. The Asiatic toad plays an important role in traditional Oriental medicine.
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