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  1. Q . What are the Asef achievements in the past one year?
  2. Deputy Inspector General Police Asef Hayyat told The Associated Press on Thursday.
  3. ASEF has three main sponsors : Leroy Merlin, Rainett and Generali.
  4. ASEF has been active in a large number of food and nutrition surveys.
  5. Despite the controversy, ASEF provides advice to limit exposure to electromagnetic waves.
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  7. ASEF conducts public information campaigns about the impact of environmental exposures on child development.
  8. ASEF is concerned about well-being issues.
  9. ASEF is also financed by donations from members.
  10. Asef, a non-profit organisation, was established on Feb 15 last year.
  11. Asef's remarks contradict comments he made Monday to state-run Tehran radio.
  12. At the time, Asef said there were no senior al-Qaida members in Iran.
  13. In 2015, ASEF participated in a photography exhibition of everyday objects staged under the water.
  14. Koh : Asef was conceived here in March 1996 and born eleven months later on 15 February.
  15. So far is this the most sensitive project that Asef is undertaking in areas of human rights?
  16. ASEF was formally established in 2008 in response to emergence of chronic diseases linked to environment degradation.
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