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  1. Aseel Omran was born on November 12, 1989 in Khobar.
  2. A good Mianwali aseel should kill its opponent within a few minutes.
  3. Pakistani Aseel breeders have developed different varieties of aseel breeds.
  4. Pakistani Aseel breeders have developed different varieties of aseel breeds.
  5. Aseel pats her pregnant belly and shakes her head.
  6. It's difficult to find aseel in a sentence.
  7. But one of the rarest breed is what they call Lassani Aseel breed.
  8. And then there is Ayad's 26-year-old wife, Aseel Rassam.
  9. Aseel Tabra of the National Iraqi Olympic Committee said in a statement to The Associated Press.
  10. These days, she is knitting a pale blue sweater for Ayad and Aseel's baby.
  11. The Aseel breed is found in almost all states of India, but abundant in Andhra Pradesh.
  12. The deputy head of Iraq's National Olympic Committee, Aseel Tabra, met the Tunisians at Baghdad airport.
  13. He holds the credit of co-directing an Oman movie named Aseel and a Bangladesh movie named Eitho Prem.
  14. The Iraqi National Congress in a statement faxed to The Associated Press in Cairo named the woman as Aseel Salman Mansour.
  15. Their teacher, Aseel Sawalha, understands their conservative culture, though she wears short, tight skirts and lacy black tights.
  16. On July 25, 2007, Aseel witnessed the release of her first album entitled  Khajlanah, to inaugurate her singing career.
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