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  1. ASEB Thermal plant is one of the major industrial plants in Chandrapur.
  2. Liesne calge nh scohafa fl hnd-2 i us v ou nte la aseb Ra adisAtooMrtn
  3. He said his landlocked nation would shop around for use of a Red Sea port and had 10 possibilities including Eritrea's port of Aseb.
  4. By 1981 Addis Ababa had become a separate administrative division from Shewa, and Aseb was split off from Eritrea in 1981, making 16 administrative divisions in total.
  5. There are many beautiful places within the town such as the Namrup Bagan, the ASEB-( world s largest baseload turbine station ) colony, Kheremeeya Village, Dillhi Gaon, Rangagoraah, dillighat, naliapool, waterfalls in patkai range, railway station, gandhi maidan, etc.
  6. It's difficult to find aseb in a sentence.
  7. Pager's work was posthumously published by the Heinrich Bart Institute, in the six volume series " Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg " edited by Tilman Lenssen-Erz . ( I . Amis Gorge, II . Hungorob Gorge, III . Southern Gorges ( Ga'aseb & Orabes ), IV . Umuab & Karoab Gorges, V . Naib ( A ) and the Northwest, VI . Naib ( B ), Circus & Dom Gorges.
  8. He received the NASA Administrator s Fellowship Program ( NAFP ) award ( 1999 2001 ) ( administered by the United States National Research Council, NRC ), which enabled him to be involved with the Vegetation Canopy Lidar mission at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ( 1999 2000 ) and to serve as a Study Coordinator for the National Academy of Sciences sponsored study titled  Commercial Supersonic Technology-The Way Ahead at the Aeronautics & Space Engineering Board ( ASEB ) ( 2000 2001 ).

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