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  1. Federal law presumes that any exposure to asbestos is potentially harmful.
  2. Cortines settled the asbestos crisis and then set about defusing tensions.
  3. A . First, there is no asbestos in ceramic tiles.
  4. No asbestos was found in later water tests, Golub said.
  5. The 20 asbestos companies involved in the case vowed to appeal.
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  7. Weinstein worked with Justice Freedman for several years on asbestos cases.
  8. Even demolition would be costly, with complications like asbestos removal.
  9. Others blame asbestos in the earth or water from local wells.
  10. I'm a pipe fitter, not an asbestos worker.
  11. The discovery led to the abandonment of asbestos as a insulator.
  12. Q . How can I determine if linoleum paste contains asbestos?
  13. A . There are no pros on asbestos-cement siding.
  14. Q . We own a house in Maine with asbestos siding.
  15. No one is willing to go up against the asbestos companies.
  16. But there is more at stake than just the asbestos industry.
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