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  1. As is natural, sometimes he feels annoyed enough to remove those things.
  2. As time has gone on, the bodies of law have diverged, as is natural.
  3. Vietnamese officials " agreed in some areas and disagreed in other areas, as is natural, " she said.
  4. President Fox would never tolerate such a thing, as is natural, nor would it ever occur to me to do so.
  5. Donkeys do best when allowed to consume small amounts of food over long periods, as is natural for them in an arid climate.
  6. It's difficult to find as is natural in a sentence.
  7. Mexico and Spain are friends, and this close relationship leads us to have many points of agreement, and as is natural, to also have some differences,
  8. :: Nah, you just do it over a sink : if you lean forward, as is natural, you don't dribble on yourself really.
  9. Helpers are as imperfect as the next person, and as is natural in any position of'authority'interpersonal clashes involving helpers and other helpers and helpers and members do occur.
  10. In his dispute with Descartes he did apparently hold that the evidence of the senses remains the only convincing evidence; yet he maintains, as is natural from his mathematical training, that the evidence of reason is absolutely satisfactory.
  11. In the grammatical interpretation of his author's language, Servius does not rise above the stiff and overwrought subtleties of his time; while his etymologies, as is natural, violate every modern law of sound and sense in favour of creative excursus.
  12. We breathe without thinking about it, as is natural . . . and then you sit aboard a spacecraft, you tear away from Earth, and within ten minutes you have been carried straight through the layer of air, and beyond there is nothing!
  13. The year AD 2000 will certainly be celebrated, as is natural for a year with such a round number . but, accurately speaking, we will be celebrating the 2000th year or the last year of the millennium, not the start of the new millennium.
  14. Donna Bowman of " The A . V . Club " gave an A-grade to the episode saying that it was one of the best episodes of the entire run . " It was hip to rag on Modern Family when this season started, as is natural for anything so lauded and yet so conventional.
  15. I meant to take him the tour of Europe, with a proper mixture of siege, battle, and adventure, and to make him finish as Werther-faced'man in Germany, so as to show the different ridicules of the society in each of these countries, and to have displayed him gradually g鈚?and blas? as he grew older, as is natural.
  16. It has humour, as one might expect from the author of " Three Goats on a Bender "; it has beauty of phrase and word, as is natural from a pen that has produced verse of no mean order; but it has also that insight, sincerity, and power without which no story, however good, can really'live'in the world of letters.

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