as is most likely in a sentence

"as is most likely" in Chinese  
  1. As is most likely, now suppose the SPD detects a photon.
  2. This is especially appropriate if the original material may not be suitable as an encyclopedi entry, as is most likely.
  3. "It probably wouldn't have happened if I could have seen where I was going as I most likely wouldn't have turned the bows down the face of a wave that big ."
  4. Whether, as is most likely, it originated in Rome and spread thence to the countries under direct Roman influence, or whether it originated elsewhere and was adopted by Rome, there is no means of knowing.
  5. Dont worry no exact figures nesecarry, just trying to figure out what ill do seeing as i most likely wont know a firm date ill be going, untill maybe day or two before i go if that makes sense.
  6. It's difficult to find as is most likely in a sentence.
  7. What is not completely clear is whether Dericourt was, as is most likely, simply a traitor, or, as he was to claim, was working for the Secret Intelligence Service ( ) ( unknown to SOE ) as part of a complex deception plan in the run-up to D-Day.
  8. AAC + is approximately three-times more efficient than MP2, which means that broadcasters using DAB + will be able to provide far higher audio quality or far more stations than they can on DAB, or, as is most likely, a combination of both higher audio quality and more stations will be provided.
  9. If the administration tries to plug along on both tracks, as is most likely the case for the moment _ because this is Barak's preference _ decisions will have to be made on whether to aim for a final agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis as called for by Sept . 13 or to make do with what is called a general framework agreement.
  10. If, as is most likely the case, this reference was to Roman, Batu Khan gave him the " yarlik " not only for his patrimonial domain of Bryansk, but also for Chernihiv . On the other hand, other chronicles never refer to Roman as the prince of Chernigov . Available evidence suggests that, even though he held the " yarlik " for Chernihiv, the town was probably occupied by Batu Khan s official " ( baskak ) ", who requisitioned it for himself; therefore Roman was merely the titular prince of Chernigov . Nevertheless, he was probably instrumental in having the bishop of Chernigov transferred to Bryansk.

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