as is customary in a sentence

"as is customary" in Chinese  
  1. As is customary, security around Castro will be conspicuously tight.
  2. As is customary, Iomega didn't return my calls.
  3. if is not approved first in committee, as is customary.
  4. We argue, as is customary among nations living in peace.
  5. As is customary, the verdict and sentences were announced simultaneously.
  6. It's difficult to find as is customary in a sentence.
  7. He spoke, as is customary, on condition of anonymity.
  8. As is customary, he declined to be identified by name.
  9. Officials at the bureau declined to comment, as is customary.
  10. As is customary, the two leaders meet between the armies.
  11. A : No . As is customary, they used different planes.
  12. As is customary, the Vatican gave no reason for its move.
  13. As is customary, the court simply denied the case without comment.
  14. As is customary, the parade attracted a full complement of politicians.
  15. Clinton stood mute throughout, as is customary at such arrival ceremonies.
  16. Hormel, as is customary during a nomination process, declined comment.
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