as is also in a sentence

"as is also" in Chinese  
  1. Vitamin A is also needed for normal growth and good vision.
  2. VEGF-A is also important in diabetic retinopathy ( DR ).
  3. Cleistanthin A is also present in " Phyllanthus toxodiifolius ".
  4. If B is not true, then A is also not true.
  5. Of course, as I also asked, what constitutes US soil?
  6. It's difficult to find as is also in a sentence.
  7. As I also recall, I was filled to the rafters that night.
  8. As is also typical in privatizations, the sale of Sharon is awkward.
  9. I refused, as I also have a daughter.
  10. M & AMP; A is also an opportunity for direct investment entry.
  11. Cathepsin A is also required for normal elastin biosynthesis.
  12. As I also said reviewing the edits shows this.
  13. But as is also known there is drought in certain areas in Kelantan too.
  14. As is also true for most people I know, I always hated school.
  15. The R & A is also involved in formulating technical specifications for golfing equipment.
  16. The Goddess a is also known as Tulaja, Turaja, Tvarita and Amba.
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